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This is Daniel.

On this website, you can find informative articles about brain, energy, memory and focus together with reviews on different brain supplements.

I believe that it is in our power to enhance our brain functions. By following some simple methods we can boost focus, retain memory and improve the overall health of our brain. It is my goal to provide you with information that will help you make those improvements.

When it comes to supplements, there are so many on the market that anyone can feel overwhelmed. Me and my team  do our best to study the available brain supplements and help you figure out which can help you achieve the desired results.

I hope that you will find the content helpful. If you do, please take a moment and share it. 

Our Team:

Daniel Stukota

Blog Manager and Content Editor

Daniel leads the website team. He is a health enthusiast that believes our mind plays a crucial role in our overall health. Our brain is so complex that no one yet configured how it works exactly. Daniel loves learning new things. He puts a lot of time educating himself about the organ that controls everything in us - the brain. The better we can understand it, the easier it will be to influence it and our behavior.

When Daniel was a kid, his father was injured in a motorcycle crash and had to go through a complicated neurosurgical surgery. Back then the doctors knew a lot less about the brain than they know today. The operation was held ‘successfully’, but his father suffered from strong headaches for the rest of his life.

This sad story leaded Daniel to start learning about the brain and searching for ways we can heal and empower it.

Daniel has a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering and spends his free time with wife and kids.

Christina Major

Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist

Naturopath Christina Major is a Holistic Nutritionist, Traditional Naturopath, and Herbalist. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.

She came to holistic and nutritional therapies when medicine dismissed her high cholesterol of 333 at the age of 24. They wanted to condemn her to a life of living on pills and constantly feeling tired. After learning about the proper use of diet, she lost over 60 lbs, dropped her cholesterol to a safe and healthy 187, and had constant, abundant energy and great sleep! Christina then went back to school and obtained a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She began writing here in an effort to help people understand and use healthy foods to heal themselves.

Katia Stukota

Graphic Designer and Content Editor

Katia is responsible for graphics and content design. She is a mom of two beautiful children, Nate and Ariel. She loves cooking and very passionate about health. Katia spends her free time searching for and trying to solve different brain teasers. She also likes puzzles and crosswords.

All our images and infographics are created by Katia. She graduated from Animation College and has a B.Sc. degree in Aerospace Engineering.

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