Welcome to our Website. At DHB - DevelopingHumanBrain.org – we are focused on providing information, tips and advice that can help people enhance their brain power. We discuss strategies that can maximize focus, memory, energy and other brain functions.

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Among informative articles we also provide reviews for brain supplements and other products that are aimed at improving brain activity.

Our advertisement services include:

  • Banner Advertisements
  • Product Reviews

Banner Advertisements:

There are two options for banner advertisments on our website: home page banner ads and sidebar banner ads.

Sidebar Banners

  • 3 Available Placements
  • Sizes: 180 X 150
  • Size: 160 X 600
  • 50$ Per 30 days Each

Home Page Banners

  • 3 Available Placements
  • 2 Banners: 300 X 250
  • Sizes: 728 X 90
  • 50$ Per 30 Days Each
  • Sidebar banners will not be published on product review pages.
  • We may consider accepting special request to match your media campaign needs. Please contact us to discuss custom banner sizes and placement demands.

Product Reviews

If you are interested in advertising a product that can improve memory, focus, concentration or other brain related activity we can offer you our product review services.

We will be happy to post the review on our website after receiving a sample of your product. Please note that the review will reflect our honest opinion about your product and all the hyperlinks resulting from sponsored activity will have the rel="nofollow" attribute attached.

  • We don't allow paid links under any circumstances.

For more information about our advertising options, please contact us using a contact form on our contact page.