The Perfect Blend of Skill and Entertainment: Crokinole Boards Reviewed



30 [min]

Time to Play 





What Elements are Included?

Game Components:

  • Game Board
    Modern Crokinole boards are typically constructed from 2 surfaces: outer surface and the rotating center play area. All parts of the board are made of wood. The outer surface is usually round or in a hexagon shape. The center is a separate circular piece that sits within the outer playing surface and is connected to a turning mechanism which allows it to rotate separately from the base. The central round board has a central target hole and circular target zones and numbered scoring regions.
  • Discs
    The discs are small, round wooden pieces that are used to shoot around the board. Each game comes with a different number of discs. Some bundles will come with 24 discs while there are bundles that will include discs in 6 colors for 6 players. 

Who is the Game for?

Who Should Play?

Crokinole game is a good fit for a wide range of players. Both casual gamers and serious board game enthusiasts can enjoy it. You can play it as an individual or as a team. It is perfect for social gatherings, family events, or friendly competitions.

Friends & Social Groups
Competitive Gamers
Recreational Players
Multi-generational Players
Board Game Enthusiasts

Who Should Not Play?

Although Crokinole appeals to a wide audience, it may not be the best fit for everyone.

People who don't like physical contact or flicking actions 
and are not fans of dexterity-based games.
Ticket to ride: players who don't like to compete
Players who don't like competition.
Ticket to ride: players that like heavy games
Players who prefer complex strategy games.
People who prefer quick games.

How to Play?

The rules of crokinole have many variations.

  • Objective

  • Game Setup

  • TURNS &  Actions

  • Game End

The aim of the game is to be the first player/team that reaches 100 points. (Some game variants play a set number of rounds and grant 2 points to a player who gets the most points in a round. The winner is then the player with most round wins). 

How to Get Points?

Discs that get into the middle hole while keeping all the game rules.

20 Points

All the points except the points for getting the disc inside the central hole are counted at the end of the round.

There are free scoring areas on the board: 

5 points circles: For each disc remaining in the 5 points circle at the end of the game (not touching the starting line) the player will gain 5 points.

10 points circles: For each disc remaining in the 10 points circle at the end of the game, the player will gain 10 points.

15 points circles: For each disc remaining in the 15 points circle at the end of the game the player will gain 15 points.

Down Time

Crokinole is a fast-paced and dynamic game. On their turns, players flick the disc on the board and there is a constant back-and-forth interaction. Although it is possible that in some specific circumstances a player might take some time to calculate his moves and strategy, most times the turns are quick and there is minimal down time during gameplay. 

Game Mechanics


Players use their fingers to flick the discs across the board.

Strategic Positioning:

Initially, placing game discs in specific places on the board can help achieve different objectives. The objectives can vary from aiming for a higher score, blocking the opponent's shots, preventing the opponent from getting into specific spots/zones, protecting their own discs and even calculating the required position to get advantages from the rebound of opponents' shot. 

Risk vs. Reward:

Almost any shot in the Crokinole game will require the player to evaluate the potential risks vs. potential achievements. Very often, players will need to decide whether they prefer to go for a tough shot that may cause a higher score or go for a safer shot that will cause fewer points. Taking a defensive vs. offensive game strategy is also based on weighting the potential risks vs. potential rewards.

Area Control:

In games that heavily rely on area control, players aim to establish control over specific areas on the game board. In Crokinole, players can not officially establish control over any zone. However, while some elements of area control mechanics exist in Crokinole, they are not as emphasized as in many other area control games. The scoring in Crokinole does not consider areas controlled by the player, but the strategic positioning of discs in specific areas can influence the game and can be seen as area control.

Educational Content

While Crokinole was not designed with an educational value in mind and education is not something what comes in mind when one thinks about a Crokinole game, playing it can still offer some educational benefits.

Fine Motor Skills

Crokinole requires a complete control over finger movements and over the power and the direction of their flicks. Practicing Crokinole shots may positively affect the ability to manipulate small objects with finger movements.

Hand-eye coordination

In Crokinole, players need to match their hand movements with the visual information they collect from the board.

Strategic Thinking

Crokinole players must plan their shots to make the most of each shot they make. It is essential to evaluate the current board state, potential shot angles and risks, and potential payoffs of different shots. 

Basic arithmetic skills

In Crokinole, players keep track of their own scores and their opponents' scores. Evaluating the scoring opportunities of each shot is also part of game strategy. While the official scoring happens at the end of each round, mental score calculations occur throughout the entire game. By consistently calculating scores, players can improve their mental math abilities and become faster and more accurate when performing arithmetic calculations. 

Geometry and Spatial Awareness

Playing Crokinole may help in developing a better understanding of angles, distances, and spatial relationships between objects. Before taking a shot, players estimate the angles, the rebound angles, the forces and the trajectories of shots. All those analyses may contribute to a better understanding of geometric principles.

Brain Benefits

Playing Crokinole can positively impact the brain in various ways:

Focus and Concentration

To make strategically smart shots, players must pay close attention to things happening on the board and carefully weigh the various available options. The shots themselves require focus and accuracy to be successful. 

Strategic Thinking

Crokinole players plan, decide and adapt to changing situations. Having a long-term strategy for the game helps decide which are the best shots to make and when is the best time to make them. 

Analytical Thinking

Players must constantly analyze the board state and plan the shot based on angles, distances, and obstacles.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking comes to play in Crokinole game when players evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies they have taken and try to improve it. 

Problem Solving

Problem solving skill comes to play when the player analyzes the game board and finds the shot with the most scoring/success potential. Finding new ways to score when opponents' previous shot completely changes the board state is also a great opportunity to practice problem-solving skills. 


Crokinole is a dynamic game where each shot changes the board state. Adjusting game plans and responding to opponent's moves helps develop quick thinking, flexibility, and the ability to react to changing circumstances.


Gathering information from the board, weighting the pros and cons for shots and deciding on the most promising one is what decision making is all about and it can be practiced before each shot in the game.  

Stress Relief

Crokinole is a fun and exciting recreational activity. Playing it requires attention and this way, it also takes the focus away from life stress. The gameplay itself contributes to positive emotions, like excitement and satisfaction. It is a social activity, and connecting with people in a positive environment helps reduce stress. 

Although Crokinole is primarily about having fun, it engages the mind and provides mental stimulation, making it a healthy activity for the brain.

Size & Quality

Board Size & Function

Crokinole boards are traditionally made of wood, covered with a protected layer, and polished to ensure smoothness and durability. Hardwoods such as maple, birch, or oak are used to make high-quality boards. Pine, plywood or MDF are usually used for simpler boards. Some boards feature a minimalist design embracing the natural beauty of the wood, while other boards have painted artwork, or engraved patterns. 

The diameter of the standard Crokinole board playing surface is 26" [66 cm]. The outer board size can vary depending on the exact design. The diameter of the central hole is 7" [17.5 cm]. However, it is important to note that although there is a standard tournament board size, some of the commercially available board may have different dimension and different center hole diameter. 


The game discs are traditionally made of wood and have black and natural wood colors. Sometimes the discs are made of high quality woods while others may be made of composite materials. The discs are usually 1.25" [32 mm] in diameter. However, some boards may come with slightly smaller or slightly larger discs. The colors of the discs vary between different manufacturers, those do not affect the gameplay.


Crokinole Cards


How does it expand Crokinole?

70 cards and 1 dice that are included in the expansion add a fresh layer of variety and gameplay options to the traditional Crokinole game. The expansion offers players two new ways to play on their Crokinole board.

First game is Crokinole Elimination

  • The aim is to eliminate all other players' discs from the board and be the only player who has discs on the board.
  • Each player gets a set of cards at the beginning of the game. Those cards will tell the player where to place his discs.

Second game is Crokinole Solitaire

  • Solitaire Game is a solo mode game that provides a set of challenges to perform on the Crokinole board. It is a great way to practice and improve Crokinole skills.

Is Crokinole Easy to Learn?

Crokinole rules and game mechanics are relatively straightforward and can be learned quickly. The physical movement of flicking discs is intuitive and does not require a learning curve. That makes the game accessible to players of different levels and ages. Coming up with optimal strategies is something that may take time to master. Crokinole is a game that is enjoyable for both complete beginners and professional players. 

Is Crokinole Accessible for Color Blind Players?

Crokinole can be accessible for color-blind people, but not all sets are. Distinguishing between different discs and areas on the board is crucial for the gameplay. Color choices of the discs and board marks affect the accessibility of the game. Some manufacturers try to use highly contrasting colors and add additional patterns on the game discs to make the game enjoyable for players of all abilities. You can make a Crokinole set you already own more color blind accessible by adding stickers or markers on the game discs.

How to Play Crokinole with 3 Players?

Crokinole is traditionally played by 2 players or 2 teams of players. But rule variations exist to make the game appropriate for 3 players play as well. The third player will need discs of different colors. The scoring will remain the same as in a regular Crokinole game. To ensure fairness in terms of disc positions on the board during a 3-player game, it is important to rotate the gameplay area after each turn. Alternatively, players can switch positions with each turn.

How Re-playable is Crokinole?

Crokinole is a highly re-playable game. It is social, competitive and takes time to master. All of those contribute to the replay value of the game.

Can Crokinole be Played as a Solo Game?

Crokinole is a social game. However, some players have come up with rules to play the game in solo mode as well.  

The goal of a solo mode is usually to achieve the highest possible score in a set number of turns. The aim of each shot would be to get into a center hole or the 15 point area on the board. 

Playing solo is a great opportunity to improve some skills: aiming, flicking and strategy building. 

Is Crokinole a Popular Game in Certain Regions or Countries?

Crokinole is considered a traditional Canadian game, and it is very popular in Canada, especially in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The game gained popularity in the USA, Europe and beyond. 

Are There Tournaments or Championships for Crokinole?

Crokinole is a competitive game that has gained popularity in the world. As a result, tournaments and championships are held, allowing players to showcase their skills and compete against each other. The World Crokinole Championship, held annually in Tavistock, Ontario, Canada and is a must-attend event for many Crokinole enthusiasts. Different regions and communities around the world host their own tournaments and championships. Among the popular Crokinole tournaments there are: The US National Crokinole Championship, The World Crokinole Shootout, The European Crokinole Championship and The International Crokinole Association Tournament.

What are the Best Strategies to Win Crokinole?

There is no one strategy to win the game. Each game is different, and the right strategy has a lot to do with the game strategy that the opponent goes with. However, here are some general strategies that can increase your chances of success:

  • Aiming for High Score Area
  • Get Control over the center area of the board. 
  • Plan Your Future Shots
  • Place your discs that those will act as obstacles and will make it hard for your opponent to get to high score areas. 

Where and How to Store a Crokinole Board?

To protect the board, make sure it is stored in a clean, dry, and safe location. The board needs to be cleaned and possibly wrapped before storing. You can use a dedicated Crokinole board storing case or just use clean cloth or blanket. Avoid placing heavy objects on the board as those can cause deformation. Do not store the board in places with extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight.

You can store the game in a cabinet or place it vertically against the wall. If you prefer a visually appealing storage solution, you can hang the board on the wall. This way you keep not only the board safe but also turn it into a unique decorative art piece. 

Pros & Cons Summary


  • Easy to learn.
  • Fast-paced, engaging and exciting Gameplay keeps the players involved.
  • Strategic.
  • Skill-based game that takes time to master.
  • Quality components.
  • No setup required.


  • Limited player count: The game plays best with two or four players.
  • No complex game mechanics. Although the game is strategic, the actions that can be taken each turn are limited to flicking discs. 
  • Requires fine motor skills.
  • No specific theme. Crokinole is an abstract game and doesn't come with a story or thematic world. 

Price Vs. Value

While the cost of a Crokinole board may be significantly higher compared to some other tabletop games, it reflects the top-notch quality of the game board and the amount of work that takes to create all of its components. Crokinole has proven to be highly re-playable and has stood the test of time. The physical and interactive elements encourage social interactions. The combination of finger-flicking action, strategic decision-making, and competitive gameplay sets Crokinole apart from other games, allowing it to provide a unique gaming experience for generations. The game can provide hours of enjoyment for players of all ages and skill levels.

Our Rating for Crokinole
4.5/5 stars




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