How to Read and Learn Better and Faster

Learning is hard. We spend so many years in school fitting into a single mold and working towards graduation. But, many students are left behind. The way subjects are taught in school may not be how some kids learn.

how to read and learn better and faster

It carries over to adulthood. People learn by doing, reading, listening, and seeing. Everybody has their preference as to how they learn. So if you can’t learn fast enough, you're probably learning in a way that’s just not your style.

Speed Learning

As we move out into a job, we have to learn at a lightning pace. Many times, the position requires us to be shown how to do a task once and then be able to repeat it flawlessly the next time.

We need a fast learning method that's going to make learning super simple and make it actually stick for us.

The course we’re going to cover in this article is the Become a Superlearner course. It teaches you how to learn fast and make the information stick. It gives specific memory techniques that will help you move more quickly into being able to learn the material the first time you here at than you ever have before.

superlearner course review

You don't need to have an eidetic memory to be able to use this program or to use some of the memory boosters that they teach. In just ten weeks, you’ll figure out various ways to improve your memory that fits your learning style. The course promises within three weeks you’ll have some very cool memory techniques, and by week seven you be able to speed read with relatively high comprehension.

But first, let’s look at some at home ways to improve your learning and reading abilities.

Speed Reading

So many people want to learn how to read faster, but there is a vast difference between fast reading and fast learning. It doesn't matter how fast you can read if you don’t comprehend what you read.

You can learn to read fast and understand at the same time.

But why do we want to learn it at all? Speed reading is useful for many things. Have you ever been driving along the road and noticed a sign? Being able to speed read allows you to read all of the information on the sign and get all of the critical data you need.

There are some speed reading techniques out on the internet. A simple Google search shows over a million different hits for learning how to speed read. We think one of the best speed reading courses out there is in the Superlearner Academy ones (what we're reviewing now) because their focus is not just on word count but on actually learning and retaining what you read.

If you want to learn where you stand right now, there are several speed reading tests online. The speed reading test shows you what speed you read at and your comprehension level. Once you know where you are, you'll be able to take steps to learn the different ways there are to learn how to read fast and effectively.

There are several speed reading techniques you can use right now to start implementing in your life.

  • 1
    Minimize the space your eyes have to read the written word. Your eyes as they move across the page do not read letter-by-letter. Rather, they jump from word to word recognizing grouping of letters rather than individual ones. The less your eyes need to move, the faster they can track between words. That's why some of the speed reading tests online flash one word at a time in the same location.
  • 2
    Practice for speed, not comprehension. You can take a pen and place it under each word as you move from word to word move the pen. At first, read only to get speed, not comprehension. Then go back and read for understanding using the same movements.
  • 3
    Skip words. One technique recommends skipping the first one to three words and the last one to three words of each line. Most of the time, your brain will automatically fill in the missing information. This isn't one of the top techniques for how speed reading works, because you lose some comprehension. It’s excellent for light pleasure reading. We don’t recommend it for technical reading.

One of the best ways to learn how to read faster and retain more is to learn the art of skimming: the ability to pick out important words and concepts without reading every word. This is a great way to begin learning because this form of speed-reading improves your memory.

You first scan the document, picking out key phrases and words. Then, it requires you to go back and thoroughly read each section a second time. As your brain already knows where the story is going and the point of each paragraph, you'll be able to have a better comprehension of the material presented. It will be as if you read everything twice, which doubles your memory.

Smart Studying

Skimming was one of the first ways we learned how to study fast. They called it studying smart or reading smart. One of the ways to learn how to study fast is to acquaint yourself with the material beforehand. Skimming over the lecture notes or chapter you are reading lets your mind pick out some of the fundamental concepts and key phrases. Then, when you go back through and read the section thoroughly, you will have all these different phrases that jumped out at you the first time. You study twice in half the time.

Especially when you get into college, you need to study smart. We know when we took our organic chemistry class, we had to learn how to memorize different equations fast. In certain weeks, we would learn 5 to 10 new equations and be able to reproduce them throughout the whole semester. We were great at being able to present new ideas and understand concepts, but we’re not so great at memorization. We used some of the tips in this article over here for how to recall information.

Studying effectively and fast for exams is something that most people will tell you is impossible. However, you do need to study fast for your tests and exams. That is where studying smart comes in.

One of the critical things you need to know about yourself is how you learn. Are you a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a physical learner? Do you learn by watching others, listening to how it’s done, reading, or figuring it out for yourself? Once you know how you learn, you can apply those principles to your study habits.

three types of learning styles

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For example, for people who learn by listening, having a textbook read aloud will be much more beneficial than sitting down and trying to push through it. Most books can be purchased in auditory form because they’re available for the sight impaired.

For people who learn best by physically doing. Moving around while you study, reading aloud, and acting out what you learn is a great way to involve your body and get the physical motion you need to be able to learn.

One of the ways to study fast with great comprehension is to listen to music at the same time. There’s a website that plays the background music from various video games. This music is designed by professionals to encourage the player to continue playing and to devote all of their attention to the game. The music is created to keep your concentration on the task at hand. If you apply that to your studying, you’ll be able to study both fast and smart.

Another tip for studying fast and efficiently is to take breaks often. I know how that sounds. How can you study fast and with better understanding if you’re always taking breaks? Well, it comes down to how the brain works.

After anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes, the brain reaches a point where the short-term memory is pretty much full, and it needs to shunt thoughts into long-term storage. By taking these breaks, you allow your brain to resettle and free up some available space. During the short breaks, it's recommended that you get up, move around, and get your heart beating faster. This allows your body to re-oxygenate your blood, which makes your brain work more efficiently.

how can study breaks improve your learning

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These are fast tips to study better and faster. If you implement them, you will get better. However, we know some people aren’t disciplined enough to be able to achieve so many different changes all at once and get the results they need.

Some people need a structured learning environment where they’re held accountable. And that’s perfectly okay. Some people naturally learn like that. So, we have a course we want to recommend.

Become a Superlearner

The Superlearning course started on Udemy as a trial before they launched their Superlearner Academy. Jonathan Levy created the system and works with some pretty impressive people to teach precisely what's going on in the brain. We recommend you sign up for the free trial and to learn all of the backgrounds.

In the Superlearner Masterclass, they review concrete techniques for learning. They teach you how to study and remember everything fast. By the middle of the course, you'll get into some systems that will show you about reading and pre-reading.

One area that’s covered in this the Superlearner eBook is how to read. Most people read by creating a voice in their head that narrates what they read. But, there are other ways to do it, and Levi's course shows precisely how to increase your reading speed by using these different techniques.

One whole week in this program is dedicated to creating and maintaining long-term memories. This is a great way to be able to do some of that learning and memorizing very fast. It will also help learn names and number quickly.

Within the course is peppered various tips and tricks for learning that include tips on memorization, remembering lists, and specific sequence, and being able to pull up information from your long-term memory.

Various homework and practice exercises help you put into practice what you learned. For example, in Lecture 26, one of the homework exercises is to practice random word lists to memorize the words and produce instant recall. You'll be able to instantly check yourself and know if what you’re learning is actually working.

Since so many of us are addicted to our phones and have them with us wherever we go, there are even apps and ways of using your phone that help you learn as well. The course goes over these apps and programs to help you out.

Finally, in the course, one of the last weeks covers how to speed up learning, reading, and thinking. The various exercises and practices that will help you relearn the process of learning and be able to apply it to just about any environment and opportunity you come across.

And, of course, no system would be complete without a discussion on the proper necessity of sleeping, learning environments, and exercise. One series of lectures talks about how your body needs to be in top physical condition to make sure the brain works well.

Once you learn all the systems for creating and maintaining your long-term memories, reading fast, and retaining the information you do read, you’ll be able to learn many new topics very fast. The cost of the courses reasonable. At $399US, it will give you ten weeks and high levels of improvement in your ability to learn.

You can give it a start by signing up for the free trial. It gives you access to the basics of the course and how things will be presented. The first eight lectures are free when you sign up.

Of course, you might want to try some other examples of how things work in this course before you sign up for the big program. There are several different mini-courses that you can take including the $20US Become a Superlearner * and Become a Speed Demon * digital book set, the Speed Demon Master Class *, and the Key to Study Skills * interactive book, and the 5 Day Memory Mastery course *. These can get you started at a low cost to see if this course is right for you and if your learning style matches their teaching.


become a superlearner

We highly recommend this course for people who are looking to improve their study skills and their ability to learn. It benefits many people in high schools, colleges, and out in the real world.

With several low-cost introductory offers and a free trial on the master class, you have very little to lose by taking the first steps.


Christina Major

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  • Thank you! This is a very interesting technique!
    In fact, when I practice fast reading, the quality of reading comprehension decreases. It takes a lot of practice to master it. But now the new school year has started and I am determined to make great progress!