AddTabz Review: Does This Adderall Alternative Really Work?

addtabz review

If you have ADHD, or even just trouble concentrating, you know that sometimes, it’s easier when you have help. Medications can offer a hand in concentrating, but what if you only need help every so often or you just can’t get a prescription?

First, it’s not your fault. We are so overwhelmed with information and deadlines that there is no way we can keep track of everything at once. That’s why we use these natural aids; to help us focus on the important stuff and keep everything straight.

AddTabz is an Adderall Alternative. It’s used for the same conditions and generally used to treat concentration issues. Some doctors will even prescribe this to help people get the edge on their thoughts. Many other people take AddTabz to give them that edge on thinking and prepare to the best of their abilities for presentations and tests.

When it comes to Adderall alternatives, AddTabz is one of the best and one of the strongest.

If you are on medication for ADHD, do NOT stop your medication or add AddTabz without discussing this with your doctor. Do not start AddTabz if you are on any medications without a doctors approval. Serious complications have occurred when AddTabz reacts with prescription medications.

What Is AddTabz?

GenTech Labs and Pharmaceutical’s AddTabz is a short and long term aid for concentration, focus, and improved memory. It’s not a stimulant, like caffeine. Ampheta CDP is the proprietary blend of ingredients that work in AddTabz. It’s a synthetic amphetamine, similar to Adderall. The biggest benefit is that this synthetic amphetamine allows the body to process the energy more naturally and avoid many of the side effects. Ampheta CDP is also very low on the risk of addiction and AddTabz can be started and stopped without problems.

GenTech promises AddTabz is modified to enhance the positives of the stimulant amphetamine and the prescription Adderall. The changes also minimize the negative side effects and significantly increase safety, and promise no addiction. It’s promotes as a “legally obtainable version of Adderall”.

Does AddTabz Really Work?

does addtabz really work

Here’s the tricky part. Yes, it works. Does it work well, does it last long, does it have side effects? That is hit and miss.

According to Gentech’s website, yes, it works well. Many people online have found relief and focus using AddTabz without problems or side effects. Many of them are devout users. The longevity of the product speaks volumes of its effectiveness.

And then there are the detractors. Yes, some people have experienced side effects. It’s not uncommon, someone will react to everything. Yet, I find a disproportional amount of people who are venomously against using this product.

What does that say to me? Well, seeing how some of the reviews are identical from site to site means someone either has a huge grudge against this product or that paid posters are flooding the market with negative hype. Posting reviews against a particular product is common, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. They don’t like competition.

Our thought, if you could use some help, try it and start small, as we direct later in the dosing section. If you have a reaction, stop using it. If you don’t, you’ll join the thousands who use this product with no problems.

Does AddTabz result in weight loss? Maybe. It was not designed as a weight loss supplement and is not recommended for weight loss. However, many people have experienced weight loss while using AddTabz. Amphetamine and its derivatives are known for stimulating the metabolism, which can result in weight loss. Several other herbal derivatives in it also promote weight loss. So, don’t take this product if you are at risk of becoming too skinny.

While AddTabz could result in weight loss, we do not recommend starting this supplement for the sole reason to lose weight.

AddTabz Ingredients

addtabz ingredients

1,3-dimethylamine and CDP-choline are two of the main ingredients in AddTabz. Both are well known stimulants and are able to boost focus and memory. 1,3-dimethylamine is a synthetic amphetamine, it is not actually amphetamine nor does it react in the body in the exact same way. No, you can’t make drugs from it either.

Ampheta CDP is a trademarked name for 1,3-dimethylamine. Ampheta does not act directly on the brain, but acts like a precursor to the natural chemical in the brain, the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that we want to encourage that helps us to focus and concentrate. When you have enough of this in your system, being able to learn and focus becomes much easier.

The proprietary blend of ingredients makes it impossible to know exactly what’s in AddTabz. Ingredients like caffeine, folate, and B12 are often cited to be in AddTabz, but we could neither confirm nor deny these claims. Often, B vitamins are included in these blends because they can help ward off side effects and provide nutrition for the brain.

AddTabz Side Effects

At the time of manufacture, all the ingredients were widely used and deemed safe. Further studies and complications have caused the FDA to deem certain ingredients in AddTabz unsafe, but still able to be used. With a history of use, AddTabz is still a viable alternative.

Addtabz infographic

There are few side effects. Generally, it is individual ingredients that cause most of the issues, rather than the whole group within AddTabz. Some of the side effects of the ingredients in AddTabz includes seizures, hearth palpitations, heart attacks, strokes, panic attacks, nervousness, anxiety and stress.

Although you should only take AddTabz when needed, it is safe for long term use. It crosses blood brain barrier easily and can be a great aid for difficult semesters.

Serious overdoses have been linked to everything including death. This is because the derivatives stimulate the body past it’s tolerance levels. Side effects of hallucinations, nervous breakdowns, and loss of consciousness are linked to overdoses due to overstimulation of the brain. We do not recommend exceeding the upper limit of the dosing and to start with small doses until you know your tolerance levels.

There are no reports of withdrawal symptoms. Even long term users find their tolerance to AddTabz increases, but going off the product does not produce any negative side effects, other than a loss of focus and concentration. There are no official reports of withdrawal problems.

If you have ever had a reaction to Adderall, amphetamines, or any ingredient that is classified as a stimulant, you should not take AddTabz. If you experience any side effects, you should stop AddTabz immediately.

AddTabz Dosage – Or – How Much AddTabz Do I Take?

Packaging recommends 200mg to 400mg of AddTabz per day. It is recommended to remain in this dosing range to avoid side effects.

Several reviews and forum questions/answers have been posed using up to 1000mg per day. Some people saw no side effects with the larger doses, while other suffered bad side effects at the upper range of the recommended dosage.

You should take AddTabz an hour before eating or at least 2 hours after eating for AddTabz to be effective. Do not take AddTabz before within 6 hours of going to bed.

We recommend you start off at the lowest dosage and work upwards slowly. This allows you to discover what dosage works best for you and what you limit it. We do not recommend you exceed 400mg per day.

AddTabz Reviews

addtabz reviews

After taking this otc supplement, it was such a relief to be able to stay focused and on track! Finally I found something that’s potent and strong enough to hold my attention … but unfortunately, now I’m concerned that it might be removed from shelves due to the controversial DMAA content. I know it’s a pretty powerful ingredient, but seriously, why should something be banned if it actually works?… so I’ll be stocking up now and if you’re thinking of ordering it, my advice is that now is better than later.”

AddTabz have been a staple in my supplement arsenal for focus and energy. It certainly gives you that edge you need to mentally put yourself in "beast mode", Also fantastic before working out. The only reason I gave it four stars is because I think it is a little pricey for the quantity you get. I tend to only take one a day rather than two as recommended just to stretch it out longer because both myself and husband take it. We certainly try to keep it stocked when we can!!!” ~Amy

“This product is wonderful!! Even tho it says twice a day, one tablet in the morning keeps me mentally focused and energized all day. I was on Ritilan 20 mg and then Adderall. this make me feel better than I have ever felt with no jitters or hard come down!! Love it love it!!”

How Does AddTabz Compare

AddTabz is in the same general class of nootropics that many other brands are. Each stimulates the body in a different way. Fortunately, AddTabz is one of the safest, cheapest, and best working.

addtabz vs other drugs infographic

AddTabz vs AdderRx

addtabz vs adderrx

AddTabs works better and stronger in the first couple of weeks over AdderRx. Both were able to give short term relief of concentration issues and focus problems. Many people find that using AdderRx in the long term provides longer relief, but that AddTabz works better in the short term.

Although AddTabz is safe for long term use, it is recommended that it be used in the short term, as how most people find it works best. But, AdderRx does not have the proprietary blend AddTabz does.

AddTabz vs Adderall

addtabz vs adderall

Adderall is a prescription and does work best. It has many more side effects, however. AddTabz has many fewer side effects and is gentler on your system.

The biggest difference is that Adderall is a drug grade amphetamine and AddTabz uses an amphetamine derivative that does not cause as many side effects. If you are on Adderall, we do not recommend you switch to AddTabz without talking to your doctor.

AddTabz vs Addrena

addtabz vs addrena

Addrena may be one of the most popular Adderall alternatives out there, but serious questions of safety have come up. It contains choline *, acetyl-L-tyrosine, caffeine *, DMAE, piperine, guarana and vinpocetine* (all stimulants), but it also contains bitter orange, yohimbe extract, and willow bark, which are used more for pain modulation and muscle building. Many of these are used for weight loss.

The biggest concern is that you are stimulated on Addrena, but you aren’t able to gain a sense of your limits. If you don’t have much weight to lose, this could cause you damage.

AddTabz contains some of these ingredients, but not to stimulating effect Addrea does. AddTabz does not have the link to weight loss Addrena has, nor as many side effects.

AddTabz vs Amphetarol

Addtabz vs Amphetarol

Amphetarol is also sold by GenTech, so it’s competing with itself. It also seems to be that Amphetarol is the same product that AdderRx is, just with a different label.

The blend used for Amphetarol is a mix of stimulants and brain boosters. Several of these have their own side effects, but we don’t think they are in quantity to cause most of them in most people.

Where To Buy AddTabz?

addtabz pill

You can easily and safely get AddTabz from the official website (link below).

Generally, AddTabz cost $2.50 per pill, although sources vary. Yes, this can seem costly, but is your focus and ability to concentrate worth it? Compared to other stimulants, it is in the same realm of pricing, although general vitamins and individual supplements cost less. Adderall is considered to be priced higher and it's a prescription drug.

The benefit of AddTabz is that you do not need to take it every day, like regular vitamins or Adderall. You can take AddTabz as needed, like before a big test or project.

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      Meantime you can check out the other alternatives to AddTabz. Some of them we discussed in this article. Also, you can visit a supplements category and read our reviews to the popular brain supplements.

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