MindBoost: Can It Really Improve Your Focus, Memory and Sleep?

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“A key to unlocking your brain’s potential and increasing your brain power in all areas of your life.“ This is what the creators of MindBoost claim. Let’s see if it’s true.

What Is MindBoost?

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MindBoost is primarily a combination of Gingko Biloba * and Bacopa Monnieri *. Both of these are well-known herbals that increase your ability to form memories, remember details, and focus. Both herbal help to increase the blood flow to the brain and utilize choline more effectively.

MindBoost for days starts with choline * to help provide sharper focus and attention. It’s the main reason why choline, as a vitamin, is included with most nootropic stacks. Other B vitamins supplement the stack so the brain has the nutrition to work better.

It also contains Rhodiola Rosea *, which is another herb that reduces mental fatigue and helps promotes overall physical stamina.

Since MindBoost works in both day and night formulas, each supplement has a different effect. The day formula * stimulates, which the night formula * rejuvenates.

MindBoost for nights uses picamilon, an uncommon ingredient, to reduce anxiety while increasing GABA * production. This helps you fall asleep naturally.

Olive leaf is a powerful and recently popular herb that is better known for its ability to relax blood vessels and decrease blood pressure. It also was shown in a French study to decrease mental decline in the elderly.

Chamomile is long known to be a relaxant and help sleep. Although not powerful, it stimulates the brain into a relaxed state, more open to memory, dreaming, and peacefulness.

Ashwagandha * is a popular herb recently for helping the body adapt and overcome illnesses. It helps repair damage and is a powerful antioxidant.

Lemon balm is another calming herb. We question the use of this in a general supplement. Although it does have a calming influence, its primary effect is to help reduce congestion in the chest. It is also not recommended for people with thyroid problems, as it exasperates depression and energy issues.

The main reason for the day and night formulas is to help the brain naturally retain and enhance the natural healing effects of circadian rhythms. When the brain is allowed to ebb and flow, it is healthier, better functioning, and retains memory and focus better.

MindBoost is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. It is also tested by independent 3rd party labs to ensure that the formula is accurate and this product contains what it claims to contain.

Simple Smart Science Company

This is the main website and tag line. It’s also the company that produces MindBoost. According to their website, they are dedicated to producing a superior line of products that helps enhance the natural abilities of people.

They are promoting a focus of scientific studies and quality ingredients. Simple Smart Science is also one of the few companies run primarily by women, with the founder and CEO being Julia Lundstrom.

The MindBoost Supplement

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MindBoost is a great nootropic that works but is not fast or powerful. None of the individual ingredients are instant or powerful, either. All of them take a time to work in your system.

In fact, gingko requires several months of continuous use before the effects are noticeable. The other ingredients in this formula work a tad faster than that, but it still will take days before you notice a difference.

It is also not powerful. You will not get a jolt or energy from this product. It is meant to help your memory and focus, primarily. These are more subtle and long lasting effects.

MindBoost is meant for the long term. This is not a supplement you can take occasionally and see results. It requires dedication and time to see the effects.

Fortunately, the long lasting effects are truly long lasting. There is no withdrawal if you stop early, nor is there a sudden decrease in your mental focus. In fact, users report online that even after they stop, they have months worth of focus.

MindBoost Reviews

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Many of the reviews are highly positive to mildly positive. People do experience an increase in memory and focus using MindBoost.

To be honest, my brain is no Einstein that's why most of my friends question my ability to write award winning research papers and essays. they have no idea that this supplement is my sole secret. with this, I can think clearly and my memory is greatly enhanced. cheers for more academic papers to come!


There are detractors. Most of these people seem to have used it just a few times and did not experience a large increase in memory or focus. Some of the detractors were upset there was not energy boost. Since MindBoost does not claim either, we ignored these detractors.

MindBoost Side Effects

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One of the curiosities of this product is a lack of side effects reported. There are none.

While Simple Smart Science says the formula was created to be side effect-free, the lack of reported side effects is unusual.

We do know that people have had some reactions to each individual herb, although rare. Like with any new product, you should consult your doctor before taking it. Also, monitor yourself closely for any potential reaction.

Our biggest concern is with the lemon balm. It’s not healthy for people with thyroid or depression issues to consume lemon balm.

Our Conclusion

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This is a good starter product. If you are new into brain boosting and want something gentle, yet effective, this is for you. Just note, it’s not fast and not powerful.

With the lack of side effects and clean formula, we feel this product poses smaller chances of causing harm and huge chances at providing great focus and improved memory.

Overall, this is a good starter product for boosting your brain, memory, and focus. It is one of the safest products on the market and most cost effective.


Christina Major

Christina Major is a holistic nutritionist, traditional naturopath, and herbalist. She has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and an advanced degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Further certifications in herbalism and metabolic typing. She owns and operates Crystal Holistic Health Consulting based in PA, the USA since 2010.
  • My mother is 94 yrs of age, and she is now starting to see things that others around can’t see. What can be the best products for her to use in order to revitalize her memory and focus?

    • Hey, Dolo!

      This is challenging at her age. There are not many things that can genuinely help or reverse whats going on. We have an excellent article on a supplement called PQQ on our website. This has been shown to have excellent promise in people with dementia. Otherwise, we recommend making her as comfortable as possible as possible.

      Thank you!

    • Hello, Brenda!
      We aren’t a manufacturers or suppliers of the MindBoost supplement, we just review it on our website. For ordering it you can visit thier website by clicking the link at the end of our review article or call them directly 1-888-503-2911 (toll free).
      Thank you!